Monday, January 14, 2013

The Choice, by Robert Whitlow

The Choice, by Robert Whitlow, is a story that explores both the legal and social aspects of teen pregnancy, abortion, and adoption.  Sandy Lincoln is a happy and well-adjusted teenager whose life is forever altered when she finds herself pregnant.  The first part of her story deals with the decisions she makes as a pregnant teen in 1974, and it continues in the present day where she is a high school teacher who befriends and counsels a young student who's faced with the same problem.  While dealing with the student's issue, she simultaneously finds herself confronting head-on the choice she made about her own pregnancy as a teen.

Whitlow is a good story teller, and he's created a page-turning book here.  The characters are well-written and likeable, and there are plenty of twists and tension to keep you reading and wondering. 

My only issue with the book is that it is fairly heavy-handed with its anti-abortion stance.  While the message is good, and it delves into the topic relatively fairly, it comes off as a bit "preachy" at times.  It's a shame too, because it makes certain sections of the book feel a little clunky, which is in stark contrast to the otherwise smooth and enjoyable reading of the rest of the story.

Overall though, this was an enjoyable and heartwarming read about an important issue, one that will be relatable to many. 

 I received this book for free from Booksneeze. All opinions are my own.

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