Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hidden Falls: Ordinary Secrets - Episode One

Hidden Falls is a new 13-part e-series by Olivia Newport. The story centers around the small town of Hidden Falls, and the complicated lives, problems, and secrets of those who live there.

In Ordinary Secrets, the first episode in the series, we're introduced to several pivotal characters, including the man of the hour. Ted Quinn is a much beloved professor who is somewhat reluctantly getting ready for a big banquet and event being held in his honor. As his former students, friends, family, and townspeople gather to celebrate him, personal and professional lives are in turmoil. Secrets are being kept, and insecurities are coming out.

I had a bit of a difficult time getting into the initial flow of the story, but I eventually enjoyed it. The writing is fast-paced, cutting from one set of 3-dimensional characters to another, and the unknown of what's really going on is intriguing. There is very little back story or description... instead the story unfolds largely through real-time dialogue, almost in the style of a one act play. There were a lot of different characters introduced in a short amount of pages, so it was a bit difficult to keep everyone straight at first. Unfortunately, by the time I really felt invested in the story, it was over... leaving me with a big cliff-hanger, needing to read the next installment to see what happens next. In that sense then, the book was a success. It made me interested enough to want to read more, even if it meant buying subsequent episodes.

The first four episodes are available on Amazon right now (Ordinary Secrets is free!), and the rest will be released weekly, with the 13th, and final, episode released on April 11th. Check out the first installment now, and see if it grabs you!

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